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About Us

La Retrouvaille was established with the mission of Uplifting and empowering individuals and under privileged communities in Africa.
We believe that giving individuals and communities tools and resources to create businesses, establishment of Capacity building and resources Centers is far better than just donating food or resources.

We have through our various initiatives demonstrated long term sustainable projects that change peoples lives forever. We aim to empower people by affording them the opportunity to create their own income,gain useful educational skills that will enable them to support their families.

In doing so, we ensure that our initiatives touch the lives of many, and your donation becomes a gift that keeps on giving.

About Us

Some of our Beneficiaries

Grace Childrens Home Blommekind -Non Profit Organisation Hospice Wits Underprivileged Individuals and Households

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Get Mobile

Funding of a Motorcycle or Vehicle to enable an Individual to perform a delivery service that will sustain him /herself and family. The recipient would have to conduct a minimum of 8 hours a week assisting a Partner -Non -profit organisation with deliveries.

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Agriculture is Good

The proceeds from these donations will fund the creation of small vegetable gardens that can produce vegetables for consumption of a family and enable the sales of excess plantation to the greater community.Various Farming Initiatives funded for the greater good.

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Community Resource Centres

Access to Internet and Computer skills remains a challenge in Africa. Through your donations we can build and set up Computer Centres that will provide training in Basic Computer skills and Programmes such as Microsoft Word, Power point, Excel and Internet usage. The Centres can be further used as research Centres for Job Seekers and for School kids for homework.

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Humanitarian Aid

We offer advice,guidance an facilitate documentation with the different Embassys in South Africa to Enable safe repatriation. The project will assist as follows: - Create a safe environment for persons needing assistance re: Immigration - Access to Visa and travel information - Assistance in obtaining the correct travel documentation -Communication with various embassy's -Assistance in obtaining the necessary travel documents i.e : lost passports and visas -Assistance in safe Repatriation -Offer Guidance, support and Assistance to Refugees

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